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Sheltowee's Business
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Welcome to Sheltowee's Business Network's open beta member portal.  To access the information contained in this portal, you will need to be a registered member.  During our public beta, significant discounts may be available for accessing the site.  We do ask that you provide feedback and assist us in developing a resource that helps start businesses.   If you are a member, please login, if you are not yet a member you can join by clicking here. Our basic tenants are: 

  • We identify entrepreneurial leaders
  • We form a founder's group
  • We provide initial leadership and platforms to mentor entrpreneurs
  • We only provide instruction from experienced entrepreneurs
  • We provide our content and services at affordable prices


Sheltowee's Business Network provides platforms that help grow entrepreneurs.  These platforms include Sheltowee's Business in a Box and Sheltowee's IdeaShare.  Below is some information on how Business in a Box works and how you can get the most out of it.  To learn more about Sheltowee's IdeaShare, click here.